Vascular Surgery Hospitals In KPHB, Kukatpally and Nizampet

Our Department of Vascular Surgery offers a wide range of services for the diagnosis & treatment of vascular related conditions including arterial, venous & lymphatic systems. The department employs a wide spectrum of treatment, including open arterial surgical repair, an extensive array of endovascular & minimally invasive therapies, & venous therapies. In addition to the planned vascular surgeries, our team also provides on-call services in case of emergency. Landmark Hospitals Department of vascular Surgery Performs Procedures annually for patients with a broad spectrum of vascular diseases at three Inpatient, Seven Outpatient and four ambulatory Surgery Facilities. Our experts are national and International leaders in treating aneurismal disease of the thoracic and abdominal aorta occlusive disease in the Cerebrovascular Circulation via both open and endovascular methods and the provision of dialysis access and minimally invasive treatments for venous disease.Our Staff Provides dialysis access to allow those individuals with end stage renal disease to begin treatment. Many patients are also treated for cerebrovascular disease to reduce the risk of stroke. Much of experience is in re-operative Surgery for patients whose original operations have been performed elsewhere and the department’s serves as a Major referral centers for these and other difficult cases Thought Hyderabad and surroundings States of Telangana AP and South India.

Acting in close operation with section of Vascular Medicine cardiologist & radiologists the department of vascular surgery provides the comprehensive services for all types of peripheral vascular disorders including the new technology of Cather based intervention as well as traditional surgical treatment for aneurysms and obstructive arterial disease.Volume of our activity is the hallmark of the department we proud that our reputation has been established one patient at a time. While nearly one third of our services are currently performed to treat those with atherosclerosis. We are also provides significant number of patients with care for aneurysms of the abdominal and thoracic aortas and increasing numbers for those with venous disease. Our staff also provides dialysis for individuals with end stage renal disease. Many patient s are also treated for cerebrovascular disease to reduce the risk of stroke.Our physicians Specialize in the diagnosis and Management of carotid artery disease aortic aneurysms and poor circulation to the legs and abdominal organs.

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Vascular surgery
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