Revolutionizing Knee Surgery: Dr. Sudhir Reddy’s Minimally Invasive Approach

Dec 5, 2023


Revolutionizing Knee Surgery: Dr. Sudhir Reddy’s Minimally Invasive Approach

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Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery has long been a beacon of hope for patients suffering from debilitating knee arthritis. Known for its high success rates, TKR transforms lives by offering significant pain relief and improved mobility. However, a common hurdle in this journey has been the fear of postoperative pain and the daunting prospect of intense physiotherapy, often lasting up to three months. This fear, unfortunately, leads many in need of the surgery to avoid it altogether.

Addressing these concerns, Dr. Sudhir Reddy of Landmark Hospital has introduced a groundbreaking approach to TKR. Known as the Minimally Invasive SubVastus (MISV) method, this technique marks a significant departure from standard TKR procedures. In conventional TKR, including robotic-assisted surgeries, a long incision is made, and the quadriceps muscle is cut in the middle, leading to considerable postoperative pain, bleeding, and a challenging recovery requiring intensive physiotherapy.

In contrast, Dr. Reddy’s MISV technique involves a shorter incision without cutting the quadriceps muscle. This not only results in relatively less pain and bleeding but also allows patients to walk immediately after surgery. The reduced trauma to the muscle means that knee bending is far less painful, encouraging more mobility and significantly reducing the need for professional physiotherapy.

Over the past 15 years, this innovative approach has been the sole method employed for TKR at Dr. Reddy’s center, benefiting a vast number of patients across South India. With a track record of approximately 10,000 TKRs and an impressive 99% success rate, Dr. Reddy’s method is not just a surgical procedure but a paradigm shift in orthopedic surgery, offering a less invasive, more patient-friendly option.

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