Why Headache Pain Occurs Behind the Eyes & How to Treat It?

May 22, 2021


Why Headache Pain Occurs Behind the Eyes & How to Treat It?

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Why Headache Pain Occurs Behind the Eyes & How to Treat It?

Headache usually occurs as a result of either increased pressure on the eye dryness of the eye allergies in the eye infections in the eye but one of the most important things will also be cluster headache which we have on the base of the neck and this is more stress induced physical mechanical social emotional any stress will straight hit you like that.


Why do we feel that pressure more in the eye is because of the nerve supply it’s the nerves our cornea is one of the most important areas which has been flooded with nerves and the reason is we want to protect the right we want to close arrive if there’s anything coming onto it the same thing happens when it include putting more pressure by allergies or infections or anything or you have trauma anything is going to increase all that and thereby the nerves. 

Most important cause for headache is dryness of the eye if the eye is too dry is literally late in Eddie and this headache will now go up to here this way load this way if the eye has no water it’s like if my hand is dry we cannot put it in half a bucket of water we have to put some cream on my hand the moisture from the air will enter the cream and thus make our hand moist similarly in the eye we have Lucas this mucus must absorb the water thereby it will give the water to the rest of the eye itself how do we increase the music mucus we can increase the mucus by putting it in a silicon plug these are lacrimal silicon plugs patented and made in the US for the little tiny canal that we have which takes the water of our eye into the nose we closed this canal with a silicon plug thereby we have two canals we closed one of them we’re able to retain the mucus in the eye for some more time.


Second and third things that we should be doing is using a night cream at night taking a vitamin tablet using artificial tears especially if you are doing jobs like yours camera or TV your computer or mobile phone also and lastly use an anti-reflective coating glass on your nose even if you don’t have power just because it’s got an anti-reflective coating call it a technology glass and use it against the computer screen against the television any video display terminal next when you come back from outside in today’s world please wash your face wash your eyes keeping your eyes open if there’s so much of the Electress material floating around and this kind of produces a foreign body thereby allergic reactions and since our eyes are already too dry we are not able to combat that allergic reactions at all.

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