Tension Headache & Cluster Headache

May 15, 2021


Tension Headache & Cluster Headache

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Tension Headache & Cluster Headache

Other types of headaches like vascular headaches cluster headaches and tension headaches. How the tension headaches will be seen and how the clinical picture will be there. Basically the tension headaches are of a milder variety means the headache is very light of light intensity but slowly the intensity will be reached enough couple of hours, it starts with a mild headache and mild tenderness of your headache if you feel some sort of tenderness in the head it’s a dull aching sensation which is distributed all over the head and by the day the day goes off the headache intensity will be more so it is not episodic it is maybe be a stress event or it can be anything sometimes this headache will be radiated to your shoulder to your to your back of your head and also sometimes associated with a kind of sleep sleeplessness so it may be prolonged throughout the day so but it’s not an episodic it is only because of a stress event like sometimes lesser sleep or your food habits or it can be due to inadequate time taking for the feed so these are the small events so so what should be done for that actually so adequate sleep timely food weight control physical activity of around at least 30 to 60 minutes a day is always necessary to kind of reduce the intensity of headaches and also a milder anesthetist can be used as a if this headaches milder headaches going to a moderate or severe variety then you need to find out but these are a less incidence kind of because it’s typically based of a stress induced only the triggering factor is a stress.

The other types of headaches what we see was the cluster headaches so the cluster the word itself shows it happens in clashes so it can be a simple cluster of almost one to eight times a episode can be or a milder variety of one to two uh frequent episodes in a day or sometimes of in a severe variant like six to eight episodes per day and it happens in clusters throughout the day when the interval free period is hardly one to two hours and again the cluster starts so this can be in a day or sometimes in a month even with a pain-free interval of two to three months and again the cluster starts so this is called the cluster headaches. 


Which is most commonly seen in males almost incidence of five to one ratio. if you see male and female ratio the preponderance level is more than males and those especially in the age group of 30 to 60 years of age group it is very common and so what are the etiological factors it’s mainly the smoking smoking which leads to a narrowing of the vessels called atherosclerosis and also it can lead to diabetes which leads to further vascularities and also can cause a cluster headaches so uh how the pain will be the pain will be distributed on the one side of the head involving the eye and also in the nose so how the intensity will be it is a severe pain and throbbing kind of headache painful associated with some sort of red in redness of the eye and also the watery discharge from the eye and with a blockage of your nose sometimes with a severe episode leading to warming sensation also so this may be slightly confused with a migraine but migraine doesn’t cause any cluster types of distribution but it will be a chronic uh tendency with an acute relapses but if you see the clusters they’ll have recurrent episodes in a day or sometimes in a month even with a pain-free interval interval then again it starts with after two months the cluster may be causing the relapse again due to any other triggering factor so the lifestyle management is ultimately the first factor to be to be corrected and and we should cut short the cycle of the event we should mainly take some medication or as prescribed your physician or any neurologist so definitely we should we should cut cut short the cycle and the pain-free interval should be maintained well and with an adequate sleep and reducing the alcohol intake and you should quit the smoking so this these are all those milder varieties but if the severity is getting worse and like if it happens throughout your throughout the month then definitely you should find out the structural cause of the uh of your cluster headaches it can be of a vascular anything like or it can be a simple like tumor or it can be it can be a malignant it can be anything so better.

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