Don’t Do This While Taking a Bath

Nov 20, 2021


Don’t Do This While Taking a Bath

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Bathing is something which we do everyday and it kicks starts our day. Most of us make serious mistakes when it comes to bathing, although we take bath everyday.


Here are some common mistakes which people usually make. 


1) Taking a bath after eating food. 


Having a bath after a meal can hamper your digestion. According to Ayurveda, when we eat food, our stomach energy jatharagni should be strong, then body absorbs and assimilates maximum out of that food, but if you take bath then this heat is reduced. Our digestion becomes poor and so it hampers our digestion, so you must give at least 2 hours between meal and bath. Usually in the morning we are in a rush, so remember first thing, bath and then have breakfast,not the other way round. 


2) Bathing in hot water. 


Some of us love to take bath in hot water during winter, but remember hot showers can dry out your skin and even cause hair loss and so the skin becomes dry, itchy and scratchy. Not just this, hot water also increases your blood pressure. For a person suffering from high blood pressure,hypertension, or heart problem,you should totally avoid bathing with hot water. Well so what should be the temperature of water? Usually you should take water with normal temperature, and in cold winter you can have little warm water, in very hot climate you can have little cold water but it should be ranging around normal temperature only. Taking bath with water at normal temperature definitely increases your energy level and boosts your immunity also .Especially after workout, you should take bath only with normal water as it helps in reducing your muscle pain and inflammation. 


3) Staying long in the bath. 


Again staying too long in the shower causes dryness of your skin and scalp. Ideally you should not spend more than 10 minutes in the shower. Water can super saturate your skin and cause your skin to break down, it also weakens your hair follicle causing hair loss. So make sure you have a quick bath. 


4) Washing hair everyday.


There are many who wash their hair everyday thinking that they would protect their hair or strengthen their hair or also because of pollution they want to wash their hair everyday, but let me tell you this is totally wrong practice. Shampooing everyday can take off your scalp moisture, so you should shampoo only once or twice in a week. It is always better to use a natural shampoo than a chemical based shampoo. Also avoid shampoo which contains paraben and sulphate compounds. So protect your hair and wash only once or twice in a week. 


5) Neglecting the sole of your feet. 


Feet is one part of your body that sweats more than any other part,hence it needs special care so when you go for your bath,the first thing you should do is sit properly and rub your sole thoroughly well. Use your pumice stone or a brush to really rub your foot nicely and massage your foot and then rest of your body. This would activate the nerve endings of your feet and once the nerve endings of your feet are activated, it activates the entire body of yours. 


6) Bathing immediately after a workout. 


After workout, your heart rate also has to come to its normalcy, and that’s why give 20 minutes to your body to settle down and also remember that we people when we take a bath, bath itself is a workout,so after bath,a person is supposed to relax for 10-15 minutes at least before he starts any other activity. 


7) Applying soap all over our body. 


Soap should be applied only in sweaty areas, like the armpit, groin and the foot part, applying soap in other areas will make your skin dry and irritated. Soap in any way is a foreign material, applying that on your skin is always more irritating, so try and take a small little Turkish towel in your hand, or napkin, wet it with water and scrub that napkin throughout your body. 


This will be the best way to take a bath and then wash your body thoroughly well with normal temperature water, that would be the best way to take a bath. Bathing is something that we always take for granted, we take bath everyday but during bath we have lots of planning to do,lots of other thoughts coming to our mind. Our mind is not attentive to see that any part of our body is attending well. Water is such a strong medium from cleansing.We have to clean our body but at the same time clean our mind too. Our mind should always have some nice good happy clean thoughts.So physically mentally and emotionally you are focused,so stay clean,stay free from all negativity. 

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