Important things to do after getting the COVID vaccine

May 8, 2021


Important things to do after getting the COVID vaccine

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Important things to do after getting the COVID vaccine


We all have to take vaccination because of this COVID.Some people after vaccination the first one as well as the second one,they feel no problem at all,no pain no ache anywhere,no uncomfortable feeling at all,but some do have problems. Some feel fever,some nausea,some vomit,some have muscle cramps and aches and so on.It is said that all these symptoms are no problem at all,these symptoms actually show that your body is active,your body is responding,but we should do something for yourself after taking these vaccinations.


After taking covid vaccine what are the things we should do,


1) Do some arm exercises.We take injection on our upper arm here,that spot gives you pain and it gives you quite tight feeling,we need to do some movements of that spot and so some arm exercises need to be done regularly.4 times in a day,see to it that you do some movement of your arm.So rotating your arm from the front and behind is rotation of the arm,rotation of this movement is very important. Both the arms have to be exercised,stretching your arms is another thing.stretching your arms from right to left is something.Holding your hands behind so that it gives a good pull,it is known as gomukhasana,these movements should be done regularly after you take the injection of covid. 


2) Another exercise would be chest expansion,so bring your both arms,spread them as much as possible and inhale and while exhaling contract your chest,so these movements are very beautiful,these arm exercises would prevent those painful symptoms after vaccination. Still if you feel more pain then the simple thing is some cold pack fermentation,so apply a cold pack in that area 2-3 times in a day and that itself will help you.That cold over there will increase circulation in that region and remove the pain in that region,so do that but help yourself. Some people feel quite tired,fatigued and headache after the vaccination and so they are supposed to do something,this tiredness will go away very soon if you do a simple technique of yoga called shavasana,it would strongly recommend,every 2 hours person should do shavasana,for 10 mins and lie down relaxed flat on the ground.


3) It would strongly suggest that you should minimize your screen time,using mobile,using computers,minimize,because somehow that will bring fatigue and tiredness.


4) Eating healthy food is a must. After vaccination your body needs more energy,your body needs help and that if given through healthy food .What you should eat and what you should not eat be very clear about it.

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