Common urological diseases which affect youngsters and elders.

Feb 6, 2021

Common urological diseases which affect youngsters and elders.

Common urological diseases which affect youngsters and elders.

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Common urological diseases that affect youngsters and elders.

People went to hospitals commonly with pain, pain in the abdomen or back or with vomiting, pain while passing urine. On taking an ultrasound they will be found with a stone in the urinary tract. It is common in our part of the world because we live in a place with high temperatures and we tend to drink less water, especially from March to Oct. When urine output is fewer people tend to form stone disease.

Eating junk food and taking less water, drinking aerated drinks are the main reasons for kidney stones. I am going to discuss few things related to stone disease. Unlike before stone disease instances are increasing. We have seen patients with this disease from 6 months to 90 years old. The typical pattern is changing. earlier it used to be within 20 to 40 years This is because our lifestyle is changing. We used to eat proper vegetarian food with less spice. Now we have started eating a lot of junk food which is not good for our health.

How do we identify the people with the stone disease?

Some investigations like an Ultrasound CT scan is needed. Every stone need not be treated by laser or surgery. Many patients are treated by just medication and they have advised a follow-up to see whether the stones have passed out or not. The advancements we have in Stone Disease: We can treat stones from the kidney to Urethra by minimally invasive procedures like laser and treating through miniature holes in the back. Stones up to to 5 to 6 cms can be managed without much blood loss. They can go back to work early. Prostate disease is a disease of the elderly male population. The prostate is a gland that is at the base of the bladder which is the size of a betel nut. It tends to increase in size over a period and after 50 years people tend to have urinary symptoms that are not completely emptying the urinary bladder and they will feel like passing urine, they will be straining to pass urine. They will be in an urgency to run to the washroom. They feel hesitant to go to public meetings, attend family functions.

What is the advancement available in prostate management?

Earlier patients have advised surgery. Now, up to 90% of the population get treated by medication and the rest were advised holmium laser, which is a state of art prostate surgery available. We do it for any size of the gland and safe for patients with heart disease and safer for patients on blood thinners. The advantage of this surgery is less blood loss, patients can go back to work early and they can return to normal faster. Overall laser Urology helps to minimize the hospital stay and get effective outcomes from any surgical illness. We would advise people to have a periodic check-up after 50 years to find out any problems early.

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