Why does my knee hurt?

Feb 19, 2021

Why does my knee hurt?

Why does my knee hurt?

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It’s important to know whether there’s any swelling of the knee joint if there’s any giving way of the knee joint, whether there’s any associated pain that’s going further down the leg, or if the pain is actually coming from another area and it’s actually around the knee that you are actually feeling the discomfort. 

If your knee pain is not resolving and not settling and there’s also swelling of the knee, locking, catching giving way, then there’s something significant happening in the knee joint. A few clicks and bits of discomfort are a normal part of life but pain particularly related to activity and the associated features means there’s something more serious going on with the knee. 

The cause of acute knee pain is often related to something that happens when you when you’re walking or you twist your knee or if you’re playing a sport and I think it’s important to assess and see what happens especially if the problem doesn’t go away and it continues to bother you after about five or six weeks of rest and ice and physiotherapy, from your local doctor, then I think it becomes an important injury to assess and treat. 

Equally, chronic knee pain tends to be pain that’s present either on the inside or the outside or even in the back of the knee and it carries on for much longer and it gets to a point where all the things that you have done to try and improve it, taking painkillers, physiotherapy, exercises, all of it haven’t helped in which case the pain has now got to a point where something is really going on and needs to be looked at and treated. If you have an acute knee injury what you can do is to initially think about consulting this physiotherapist or A&E department to find out what might be the cause of an injury. If it’s not a fracture and we’re dealing mainly with a soft tissue injury, then I think it’s important to give some rest, some ice to reduce the swelling.

If possible if you can see a local GP or a physiotherapist get some advice on how to rehabilitate yourself. But I think if the pain is not settling it’s in fact getting worse over a bit of time then I think it’s important to not neglect it and get back to doing things but to seek help. Just because somebody has knee pain doesn’t necessarily mean they need an operation. 

Very often a knee pain can be managed without surgical treatment and that includes seeing somebody who can guide you with your exercises, what you should do and should not do, taking painkillers as required, and finally if the sport that you’re doing is detrimental to your knee getting advice on other sports that you can do that’s less harmful to your knee. 

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