Medical and Physiotherapy Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Mar 12, 2021

Medical and Physiotherapy Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Medical and Physiotherapy Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

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Medical and Physiotherapy Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

A lot of people have heard about this condition it is a very painful condition of the shoulder what this does is not only pain it also restricts the movements in all directions so you are unable to move your shoulder you also can have severe night pain which affects your sleep if these symptoms are there then you could be suffering from frozen shoulder.

How does Landmark Orthopedic Hospitals in Hyderabad treat this? It’s a very very painful condition to ignore and treating also is very challenging in the initial stages when you present to us treatment can be easy with good physiotherapy as the stage increases we may have to deal with other procedures sometimes injections like hydrosilation injection or very occasionally we may have to perform an arthroscopy like surgery to release your frozen shoulder.

But let’s come back to the initial stage and hope that you don’t move to the next stage. Frozen shoulders can be affected in diabetic patients so taking care of your diabetic condition is very important and in the initial stages itself if you start very good physiotherapy then the results are going to be excellent.

Frozen shoulder is a very painful condition in physiotherapy it has to be planned very well and it has to be managed in terms of electrotherapy as well as excess therapy or doing physiotherapy in this particular condition is not good and it may sometimes worsen the conditions now I’ll let you know few exercises which you can do at your home easily i think these exercises will help a range of motion restriction is a big problem in frozen shoulder to increase the range of your shoulder.

You can use the soft balls which you can get easily in the stationary stores or you can keep the ball in this position and you can start doing these exercises this helps in increasing your abduction range this is the short lever exercises this exercise the patient can perform very easily for increasing the flexion turn around okay in the same way move up and down move up and down daily you do it for 10 times and thrice a day okay now long liver next progression is taking your hand into long liver in this the keeping your elbow straight okay try to move the ball up and down okay the ball actually helping the patient in assisting for a free moment with this the patient can perform exercises very with ease without giving a much pain this helps in increasing a flexion next abduction next turn around and try to move your hand up and down it helps in increasing your abduction rangeĀ  next is band exercise which you can use a simple stick which is available in your house okay hold the hitch stick like that or take the heat stick overhead take it behind and slowly get the stick behind your head with this you can stretch your pectoral muscles and you can stretch your anterior capsules okay which is a very helpful in frozen shoulders for increasing the range of motion other can exercise keep a stick between your hands and move the stick either sides either side make sure that your body should not move only you should get a movement from your shoulder repeat this for 10 times and twice a day after increasing the range of motion it’s very important to increase the strength of your shoulder muscles this can be easily done with by using the elastic bands this is the specific exercise which is performing that helps in increasing the strength of your rotator cuff muscle and these exercises can be done at various angles to strengthen all the rotator cuff muscles this is the specific exercise to increase your internal rotation with this you can use a towel or some specific bands okay you try to pull your right hand up so that your left hand travels starts moving up this slowly helps in increasing your internal rotation range this has to be performed within the paint little mids and it has to be increased very gradually.

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