The effect of intra-articular injections for the joint pain

Nov 20, 2020

The effect of intra-articular injections for the joint pain

The effect of intra-articular injections for the joint pain

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The effect of intra-articular injections for the joint pain

The intra-articular injections for the joint pain are injections into the joint that are given at orthopedic hospitals, How long do they last? How effective they are?  broadly speaking there are two categories of injection one is a steroid injection like Depo-Medrol this only has a pain-relieving effect for some time.

They are anti-inflammatory they reduce inflammation around the knee joint, you’re likely to get good pain relief especially if you have mild or moderate arthritis, not severe arthritis. In mild and moderate arthritis steroid injections into your knee joint will give you reasonably good pain relief which usually lasts few months in a good patient, it may last six months in some patients they may be only a couple of weeks really but on an hour is let’s say three to four months minimum.

Most of the patients do get some relief but it doesn’t change the actual status of the joint it doesn’t change the degenerative status within the joint so it doesn’t alter the disease as much but there’s also some evidence that if you take too many injections it can actually damage the cartilage to some extent so you should be very careful in taking this injection.

Coming to the second category of injections which are lubricants are sodium hydroxide there are many multiple forms of this but the basic molecule sodium hydronic. When you inject this again the effect is twofold one is pain relief one is the positive effect of the cartilage

In terms of pain release pain relief, this is a little bit unpredictable in some patients they may not get any relief but the majority of patients get good relief lasting anywhere between six months to sometimes in few patients few years as well in terms of positive effects on the cartilage. These injections these molecules have many factors that will induce or encourage the cartilage cells to produce more collagen to buy more water so that the quality of the cartilage is postulated to become slightly better so that further wear and tear will slow down considerably.

It has both effects of pain relief as well as improving the quality of the effect quality of the cartilage so that the progression of the disease can be hampered.

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